The medium is the…

April 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

As a person who came of age in perfect synchronicity to The Internet, I have been trained to multi-task.  I am fully adept at juggling multiple open applications, windows, and browser tabs; all at the same time that I carry on three different conversations on AIM, update my livejournal, check my RSS feeds, and watch TV.  Aren’t you?  C’mon, that’s easy.

I teach a class on Jewish lit, and I am prepping for my upcoming class, which will focus on Yiddish folktales.  I happen to have a collection of them on casette tape.  (Yes, I said CASETTE TAPE.)  So, I thought nothing of sitting down with my laptop, 6 tabbed windows, and 3 AIM conversations to listen to a few stories.

I cannot believe how difficult it is to listen to a story and “internet” at the same time!  I kept having to stop and rewind the tape because I completely missed a part.   In fact, I am not going to start the tape up again until I finish this post.

And all the while, the invisible media studies nerd that sits on my right shoulder keeps whispering, “Oh no!  She’s attempting to mix hot and cool media!”  And then the evil media studies nerd on my left shoulder says, “Let her try!  Maybe her head will explode!”

Meanwhile, I just wish Marshall McLuhan were alive to see this.  His head would probably explode.


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