April 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

I never understood why velour tracksuits enjoyed so much popularity.  Sure, I understand the draw of comfy clothes, but what’s wrong with regular sweatpants or tracksuits.  Since when did “velour” become so hip?

I think I finally understand this trend now.  I was at Old Navy, looking for cheap interview clothes, and instead found the clearance racks full of velour tracksuit bottoms.  At $6.99, I was willing to try a pair on.


I understand now.  I had no idea that there could exist a type of sweatpants more cozy than flannel.  But these somehow are.  And, I suppose, the added benefit of their “fashionable-ness”  is that I can wear them out in public without looking like a scrub in my pajamas.

This is one of those examples of a fad I can really get behind.  Yes, at $6.99 I am willing to join the masses.

I am left pondering what could happen if Crocs were only $6.99.


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  • jojo says:

    i felt hilariously like “a scrub” if i am using your-term-i-learned-in-this-blog– yesterday. i went out for a bit in the morning in an old navy hoodie-cape-let (i wear in inbetween weathers) over long sleeves…and the real point– my (never see the light of day) BrU exercise/sweatpants! haha

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