Things move along

March 12, 2009 § 5 Comments

I decided not to shower today and just be a scrub.  I hope my students can deal.  The bright side is that I get a little extra time this morning to blog some stuff.

1.  I got rejected from Yale.  This was no surprise, really.  After getting rejected from all the other schools, there was little chance that I could get into Yale.  I guess this is what sometimes happens when you shoot for the top.  I just keep reminding myself that applying for PhD programs is very different from undergrad or even MA programs, since it has more to do with whether your interests perfectly match a professor’s life work than how good your grades or GRE scores were.  Still waiting to hear from one more school, but definitely not holding my breath.

2.  I re-got-excited-about a book idea I came up with a while ago.  I think (I hope) I will actually try to do make it happen.  At least, eventually.  I hope.  It could be really cool.  But I wonder if anyone ever publishes books these days by people who aren’t already famous for something else?

3.  Postsecret came to Amherst College tuesday and I was sooo excited to finally see an event.  But then Amherst decided to restrict ticket sales to Amherst students only.  I feel this goes against the whole spirit of Postsecret and I am self-righteously bummed.


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