Snow Day

March 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

Today was the perfect snowday.  It was perfect because it was needed.  I’m getting over a cold and instead of spending the weekend having fun and getting ready for the next week, I spent it in bed with a fever, blowing my nose.

Today was recovery day.  I started by organizing my finances and updating my to-do list.  Then I washed all of my “sick sheets,” blankets, duvet, and towels.  I cleaned my room.  I made myself a nice, nutritious lunch.

I applied for a job – a research position at a non-profit.  I also got rejected from two of the six Ph.D. programs I applied to.  I am not broken up about this.  They were the programs that were the worst matches for my academic interests anyway.  Actually, this narrows down the possible choices for next year, and that’s fairly relieving.

I’ve been putting out lots of lines.  I am hoping that eventually I’ll land a big one.  Applying for different jobs, taking the MTEL (teacher certification test), the grad school applications… I just hope that I’ll land somewhere good.  Somewhere with health insurance.

I like my job, but I want to leave the area.  This town is too small for the likes of me!   Then, a few weeks ago, I found out that my position, along with 6 other ESP positions and 40 teacher positions, would be cut in my district.  I guess the cool part of all of this is that one day I can tell my grandchildren, “Yes, I got laid off in the Great Depression.”  Or maybe not…

Regardless, it was an excellent snow day.


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