To a new year and a fresh start

January 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

2008 was undoubtedly a bad year for everyone, but I thought I had weathered it well up until the end.  For me, 2008 ended in three weeks of abject misery and depression due to the loss of my dog and the unexpected break-up.

On January 1, 2009, I made a fresh start.  I am putting my faith in the power of love, and we’re giving it another try.  I couldn’t be happier.

I get the feeling that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t “cool,” but as a self-reflection-phile, I think there is a lot of value to making personal goals for the year.  The only  one that’s not worth making is the one everyone seems to default to: lose weight.  This is not a good resolution, because losing weight is not a yearly goal.  It’s a daily goal, or perhaps a “lifestyle.”  Besides, knowing that you could stand to lose a few pounds is not exactly the result of serious self-reflection, without which you lose the opportunity to come up with personal goals that can truly enrich your life.

Here are mine for the year:

  1. Be a better friend.  I am a good friend in many ways, but I tend to lose track of certain things, like big events in their lives.  I also would like to become a person that sends greeting cards.
  2. Learn to focus my energy on the important things, like deadlines and prep work.  I must stop letting my emotions/whims/desires get in the way of getting done what needs to get done.
  3. Stop relying on other people so much.  Whenever anything happens in my life, I immediately turn to others to talk things out.  I suppose this is how I process information and figure out how I feel.  I don’t think this is the best system, however, because I end up over-sharing.  Over-sharing is bad because I think I bore my friends sometimes, and also, there are some things I should probably be keeping to myself.  I am going to try to put more things down in my journal, rather than spread them out among friends.
  4. Be more crafty.  I’ve always wanted to do craft projects (but only certain kinds… NOT knitting or jewelery making!) I want to do more collaging, perhaps of furniture, mirrors, etc. Also I want to play with ribbons and make a quilt. Yes, a quilt!!!  Also, scrapbooking. But scrapbooking in a cool way, not a dorky way.  (Note to self: Stop insulting dorky scrapbookers in 2009).

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


§ 2 Responses to To a new year and a fresh start

  • Michael says:

    I had a mostly brutal 2008 too. I like making resolutions I can keep, and without getting into the whole SMART goal setting method and such, I only have one, which I got from Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “Outliers”. It’s a proverb from Chinese farming communities that basically says “If you can rise before sunset 360 days out of the year, you cannot help but make your family wealthy”.

  • Robin G says:

    My 2007 was the one that was wretched, but I know how you feel.

    My friend’s mantra has always been “Maintain forward momentum,” and I’ve sort of adopted it as my own. It’s a decent resolution/life goal that can be adapted to most things.

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