Writing about work on the internet

October 22, 2008 § 1 Comment

Oh, dilemma!

Anyone who has heard of Dooce knows that the number 1 rule of blogging is NOT to write about work on the internet.

So, as a vigorious job-hunting unemployed person, lots of funny anecdotes, interesting observations, and major dilemmas keep popping up and begging me to blog about them.  Like, for instance, that crazy interview ambush, or feeling guilty about applying to work for an environmentalist agency when I knowingly let the shower run for upwards of 5 minutes before I get in.

Today I got offered a teaching job, and I desperately want to write up a pros and cons list and solicit advice about whether or not I should accept.  But there’s always that chance that my possible future employers have already found this blog, or that they will in the near future, and a crack about how much I FEAR getting up at 6 am every morning is probably not going to make me look good.

Gosh darn my internal censors!

How do you negotiate writing about work related things?


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