Dear Dissertation Diary

September 22, 2008 § 3 Comments

Dear Dissertation Diary,

Today I finished you.  All that’s left is the final proofread and then it’s time to get you all printed and bound and shipped off to England.

To be frank, I am so ready to be done with you.  You have given me nothing but headaches for the past month and I just want you to be DONE and GONE.  Even now that you’re “done,” you’re still bugging me.

I called the copy shop today to see about getting you printed.  Since you’re British, I have to get you printed on special A4-sized paper.  The copy shop said that would be okay, but “Oh NO!” they said, “we don’t have special, acid-free dissertation paper in size A4.”  But it was okay, because I was all like, “No worries, this is just a Masters dissertation.  No one is going to bother archiving this baby.”

You are not that exciting of a dissertation.  (Sorry.)  I am not going to continue working on you, and I doubt anyone else will be interested in you either.  (Again, sorry.)

Still, I am a little bit proud of you.  You are the most mature, advanced, academic thing I’ve ever written.  And even though some parts of you are so boring I fall asleep editing them, I think you’re not half bad.  Just so you know, I’ll be printing an extra copy for myself.  I’ll probably keep you in a box in my closet with my undergrad dissertation and not touch you again until someday when I’m 57 and I discover you in an old basement somewhere and fall asleep trying to read you.




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