Oh the humanity!

September 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

First of all, I am aware that what I am about to say qualifies me as being one of the biggest dorks in the universe, but here it is:


Yes, the dorkiest sentence ever typed.  Second maybe to “I framed a Johnny Depp poster,” which I may or may not have done and hung up in my bedroom.

But seriously, I am really excited for the Sims 3.  I have always been a big Sims fan.  (No, wait, that is the dorkiest sentence ever typed.)  I used to play for hours and hours in high school and had to cut way back in order to get my college degree.  During final periods I actually had to uninstall the game from my computer.  I have been secretly excited about the fact that finishing my disseration means I get to play again.

The Sims 3 looks like it has some major improvements.  They seem to be all about the idea of the neighborhood- that the Sims will no longer be confined to their particular lot.  This does sound cool, but what I’m really excited about is the new personality options to be offered.  Instead of picking a life aspiration (family, wealth, knowledge, popularity, romance) like in the Sims 2, you get to assign each sim up to five personality traits.  They haven’t really released all of the traits yet, but have mentioned some like artistic, neurotic, vain, brave, paranoid, excited, stupid, hotheaded, emotional, etc.  I think this development will make the game a lot more interesting since the Sims will actually have, for the first time, customized personalities!

In this behind-the-scenes video, a developer says “there’s so much humanity in these Sims now.”

My only fear is that my computer isn’t fancy enough to play the game.  It barely can handle the Sims 2 and can’t really deal with any additional expansion packs.  It’s a Powerbook G4.  Does anyone out there have any ideas for how I could vamp up my computer to be able to play the Sims 3 smoothly?  In my mind, this game release is a legitimate reason to get a new computer.  If only I could afford it.


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