Dissertation Drudgery

September 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is it, the final countdown.  My dissertation is due in 10 days.  In those 10 days, I have to finish writing it, edit it, format it, print it, and ship it back to England.  That’s doable, right?  Heh… yeah, I’ll be alright.  I just need to rock in the corner for a minute.

But seriously, I’m not in horrible shape.  I’ve got most of it written.  The only bit left is that pesky conclusion where I have to sound, like, profound.  Or something.  I have to acknowledge that my approach has been “unique,” and in doing so, justify myself.

“Hi, my name is Leah and I dedicated the last six months of my life to something that may appear completely irrelevant, but actually isn’t.  Though reading all 65 pages might seem like a complete waste of your time, this project is actually quite relevant to, um, scholarship.” [?????]

I suppose it could be worse though.  I still seem to be finding the time to go to the gym.  (I lost 4 lbs!) I even saw a movie (Hamlet 2- cute) and went out to karaoke night at the local WWII Club (aka the Deuce).  Yes, the WWII Club – all the cool kids are doing it.

As terrified as I am of not finishing on time, I think I will miss it once it’s over.  Once this is done, I will cease to be a student for the first time in my life.  And instead I’ll be… unemployed?  And uninsured, for that matter.  Just as this disseration experience has been both tedious and nervewracking, I am both craving and dreading the school-free months to come.


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