September 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

I am not usually a jealous person, except in the case of my younger  brother.

My younger brother seems to have it all.  He somehow emerged from our shared gene pool with everything I lack, including olive skin, athletic ability, good eyes and a high metabolism.  Did I mention he’s tall?  He’s good at pretty much everything he tries, including World of Warcraft, academics, pool, dancing, cooking, and getting into the best bars and clubs with his fake ID.  He also has incredible social skills.  He’s got a million friends and everybody likes him.  He’s a wild and crazy college frat boy who gets good grades and respects women.  (Sometimes I like to take credit and imagine that it was all my sisterly advice that made him this way, but in truth, he is just a good kid.)

But what really makes me jealous is that everything good seems to just happen to him.  He managed to get an off-campus apartment with his friend this year.  It was an efficiency, so just two bedrooms, kitchen, bath and no living room.  Then the rental company accidentally double booked it, and rented the apt to someone else even though they had already signed a lease.  So, they decided to make things right by putting my brother and his friend into a really nice and well maintained THREE bedroom apartment, WITH a living room, in a better location, for the same price. ARGH.

Did I ever mention how I spent the first two years of college sharing a microscopic dorm room with an array of dysfuntional roommates?  No?  How about the second two years of college when I lived in an off-campus hell-hole of an apartment with mice, mold, potheads, and no living room?

But the other day really got me.  I had recently decided not to get a new cell phone, even though I had an upgrade, because the cheap phones looked crappy and I didn’t want to spend a hundred dollars on a fancy one.  Then my brother goes shopping for a new phone, and comes home with the hundred dollar one I had decided was out of my price range.  Turns out he just happened to have a hundred dollar credit on his account that no one seems to understand, but hey, he got the phone for free.  Jerk.

My dad told me I was acting like the older sister in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  He’s totally right.


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  • drcorner says:

    lol, Karma? That’s the best I can come up with right now (sorry).

    Really though, live a little…get the nicer phone. After two-year plans their usually half price. So what would’ve been a $300 Phone is now around $100-$150. I usually keep my phone for 2-3 Years. So shop smartly.

    A Blackberry may be up your alley. I’ve had mine for a while and it’s great (but not because of the cool-factor), but because it functions SO MUCH better than a regular phone. If you get an Unlimited Data plan (overall with the phone you’ll probably pay about $75-$80/Month), you won’t need internet.

    You could browse on your phone, Pin-to-Pin (Blackberry’s version of IMing, and it’s awesome), email, and make calls.

    There are a couple of new models coming out now, including a flip-version of the Blackberry Pearl…but I love the 8800 Series phones (models 8800, 8830, 8820, 8100, etc.), and the Curve (8300, 8320).

    If you enjoy a little once in awhile, then when your brother gets the good stuff, you won’t feel as bad…

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