the breaking point

September 4, 2008 § 1 Comment

Today is pushing me around, and I feel like a chump.  And angry chump.

I got up ready to work.  I went to the library, put precious quarters in the meter, and walked around to the front entrance.  It’s closed, and doesn’t open until 1 pm.

Fine.  I decide to leave my car there since I already paid for the damn spot, and lug my heavy laptop and backpack full of books to the nearest Starbucks.  I buy a frappucino, and set up shop at one of the tables.  I even plugged in my phone to charge.  And then I discover… no free wireless.  What is this shit?  It’s fucking STARBUCKS.

So I go next door to Sam’s, a random pizza place slash cafe.  They have wireless, thank god.  I buy a soda, thankful I decided to buy the frappucino in a jar rather than have it fresh made.  It’s sitting, undrunk, in my backpack.  This being Northampton, and all the soda’s being fancy, it costs more cash than I have, and there’s a $5 minimum for cards.  Sigh.  I gather my crap, again, and leave.

I go to the Woodstar, which has free wireless THANK GOD.  But, alas, only one outlet in the entire cafe, and it’s occupied.  With my computer battery as it is, this is not going to be good.  Plus, they’re going to figure out that I haven’t bought anything pretty soon…

WTF world?  I just want to finish my dissertation.  *sob*


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