When life gives you internal bleeding… make lemonade

August 31, 2008 § 4 Comments

My cousin woke me up this morning, which is a little strange since she doesn’t live here.  I was the last to know that my grandma, who has been recovering from open heart surgery for the past week, was taken to the hospital for unrelated internal bleeding.

My cousin and I were charged with the task of picking up my grandfather (who lives about an hour away) and packing him an overnight bag and taking him to the hospital.  Small tasks like packing are hard for him these days, and it took about four hours.  (Grandpa, is this your medication?  Grandpa, do you need these pills?  Grandpa, what are these?  Grandpa did you pack a sweater?  Grandpa, did you turn on your hearing aids?)

Waiting at the hospital was another fun thing.   Especially since I hadn’t showered and the overall down-ness of the situation was intensified by the feeling over overall gross-ness.

But then- a silver lining.  My grandma had gone through a procedure to stop the internal bleeding, which was successful.  While she was still under and unconscious, they realized they could perform another procedure that needed to be done.  Now, this was an especially big deal because normally, there would be too many complications to perform this procedure and it may never have happened.  But, because she was already sedated, it was the perfect condition to do it.

So now, after incredible stress and fear and crisis, things look good.  She will have to go through recovery all over again, but once we get her through it, she will be even better than she was before this incident.

I, on the other hand, am spooked.  My other grandma died while I was writing my undergrad dissertation.  I am starting to worry that writing dissertations is bad for my family’s health. As if I needed another excuse not to get my PhD.


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§ 4 Responses to When life gives you internal bleeding… make lemonade

  • Marianne says:

    Good to hear that your grandma’s okay. I loathe hospital waiting rooms and I loathe being greasy and unshowered, so I can only imagine what the combination is like. Depressing AND dirty.

  • drcorner says:

    Sucks about the situation to get to the hospital, but I’m glad to hear your grandmother is somewhat better, and the bleeding has stopped.

    My Uncle died not too long after a car-accident because they think the way the hospital treated him resulted in fluid in his lung….hopefully your grandmother receives top-notch care.

    And don’t worry you’re DEFINITELY not alone, I too am putting off the strains of Grad-School…

  • Leah says:

    Thank you for your concern. Don’t worry, my grandma is definitely receiving top-notch care because my dad just happens to work at that hospital… connections are a beautiful thing when you are lucky enough to have them.

  • drcorner says:

    Ahh yes, it’s great having medical people in the family…many times you get advice for free! 😀

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