Me, Sex, and the Internet

August 4, 2008 § 1 Comment

Wow, I got all political and preachy in that last post, didn’t I?  Sorry for that.  Sometimes I can’t control it and it just flies out, like yesterday, when I was washing my hands in a public restroom and sneezed a wad of mucus all over the mirror.  Oops.*

*Sidenote: don’t you love it when people mispell “oops” as “opps.”   It’s just the epitome of everything.

I wanted to share that I have a raging man-crush on Robin G. at Reality Fish.  I know a man-crush is traditionally supposed to be for men-only, but truly it is the only word to describe how I feel.

Man-crush: (n) When a guy thinks another guy is totally awesome and wants to be around him all the time, not because he is sexually attracted to him, but because he wants to be him.

I started reading Reality Fish and liked it right away.  It was funny and personal without being too personal (“Jess and I went to the mall and omg Kevin was there…”).  I totally fell for her, however, when I got to her series on sex, women, and expectations.  Robin wrote openly, candidly, and shamelessly about sex.  She even did so in a manner that made it pretty obvious that she not only has sex, but that she has mad awesome sex.  This is so awesome to me because sex is one of my favorite subjects.  I spent my college years doing sex ed and sex counseling, and loved it like crazy.  I was all excited when I discovered sex-positivism, and got perhaps too educated about everything sexual.

As a result, my interest in sex and sexual health quickly penetrated (heh, penetrated) my internet-doings.  I started a blog to chronicle sex-positive (or negative) news stories but quickly abandoned it because I’m just not a very good news blogger.  I wrote a sex advice column in the school newspaper that was published online.  Some of my columns got copied onto porn sites and online dating sites, which didn’t exactly look great on a google search.  This worried me.  I had nightmares of prospective employers looking at those and saying, “Well, she’d have the job if she didn’t go on about how sex is healthy.  What a freak.”

In the end I decided to tone it down and pay a little more attention to where my boundaries should be in relation to that particular topic.  And it sucks.  This is why I admire Robin G. so much.  Way to be brave, way to be awesome, and way to not apologize!  You rock, girl.  Can we be friends?


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