July 24, 2008 § 1 Comment

Project Runway has been my procrastination method of choice this week.  Though I’ve never had any urge to design clothing, the show makes me feel restless with creativity.  It makes me want to DESIGN and CREATE things.  It makes me want to grab a glue gun and bedazzle my desk lamp, or sand down my wooden bureau and collage it.  For days I have sat around, muddling with my dissertation, feeling incredibly creative, but impossibly stunted.

I have always had a creative streak, which has led me to dabble in painting, poetry, playwriting, short fiction, photography, jewlery, and even creating silly “songs” from the supplied tracks in Garageband.  I also have a tendency to unleash this creativity on my bedroom, which started with drawing on the walls when I was a kid.  I gave up that habit, but couldn’t help myself from gluing 300 sequins to the woodwork as a teenager.  (My parents were so happy.)  According to the people who bought our house, they are still there.

Unfortunately, my creativity has ADD.  By the time I start a project, I’m already thinking about the next one.  I rarely finish anything, and if I do, I am likely to abandon that medium and move on.  This is why I am making this list.  These are the things I’ve always wanted to create.  I am not trying to be an artist, and I’m not looking for fame, or validation that any of these things I produce are “good,” except, of course, things that have to do with writing.  I do have amitions to be a good writer, and will expect much more of myself in that area.  But as for the rest of the things on this list, I just want to be able to hold them in my hands and say, “I made these.”

  1. A quilt
  2. An amateur documentary film
  3. A published book
  4. A somewhat successful blog or website
  5. A play or screenplay
  6. Beautiful photo scrapbooks
  7. A photo worthy of being blown up and framed
  8. A mosaic
  9. Personally designed/embellished furniture
  10. A well-designed, coherent, “themed” room

What do you want to create in your lifetime?



§ One Response to Creation

  • Rory says:

    I would say :

    A screenplay that is actually produced.
    A novel I don’t get sued for.
    A custom dress that is unexpectedly sophisticated.
    Some kind of production company.
    A scarf.

    Of course, the screenplay thing would require that I crackdown and finish the last sixty pages…

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