Things about me I never realized were so “American”

May 14, 2008 § 1 Comment

  1. That I feel most comfortable in jeans and a hoodie.
  2. That I see nothing wrong with Kraft macaroni and cheese.
  3. That I consider bike riding to be an exclusively recreational pastime.
  4. My Taco and tequila cravings.
  5. My use of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  6. That I use the microwave, often.
  7. That I like to talk about my personal life with friends, or whoever.
  8. That I actually, really, do like BBQ, and rootbeer.
  9. That I say, like, totally.  And totally, like, awesome!

§ One Response to Things about me I never realized were so “American”

  • kate says:

    wow…that list is ridiculously familiar…sounds like you read my mind! i studied this past year in england and i can confirm every single point on that list above… i actually had to hold a ‘taco night’ so i could show them what the hell they were. …did you ever try the british version of kraft macaroni & cheese? it’s basically a disgrace…tastes like they made it with british mature chedder. also…i’ve never considered myself a bbq fan in the US, but for some reason in england i found myself frequenting sainsbury’s for bbq pringles and heinz bbq beans…it was frightening and inexplicable…maybe it was my subconscious reaffirmation of my american-ness? Anyways, i’m a fan of your posts…i can definitely relate

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