Travel bug

April 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

One of the main reasons for doing this year in England was to have the opportunity to travel. Now that I’ve got here, and found my program and the city of Nottingham to be complete disappointments, traveling seems even more integral to the goal of getting the most out of this year.

  • In England, I have seen London, Lincoln, and York.
  • I spent a weekend in Belfast and a weekend in Dublin.
  • I spent 10 days in Italy.
  • I spent a weekend in Paris.
  • I spent a week in Switzerland.

Right now, as a welcome reason for procrastinating, I am planning the rest of my travels for the year. Tonight, they solidified.

  • A weekend in London with a couple friends from the States.
  • A month-long trip with my dear boyfriend (who will hopefully still love me after spending a long, hot month with me), including Italy (round 2), Greece, and Berlin.
  • And finally, a four day trip to Scotland, in which my flatmates and I will drive a rental car around the lochs, and hit Edinburgh during a festival week.

I think I am definitely getting the most out of my year here. I am one lucky son of a bitch. But now that everything is planned down to my last month in Europe, the spoiled little baby side of me is a little sad. Of course there are still places I wanted to go that didn’t happen. Austria, Spain, southern Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark…

I guess it gives me an excuse to come back to Europe some day.

If I ever get pay back the loans I’m taking out to pay for these trips, that is…  (I already buy Class II vegetables, where do you go from there?)



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