Costco Comforts

February 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Today I finally was able to take advantage of a friend with a car and get my butt to Costco.  It was so nice to be surrounded by massive amounts of THE SAME SHIT I CAN BUY AT HOME IN AMERICA. 

My first purchase was a flat of Diet Coke.

Is it bad that blatant product placement is a feature of all of my memories of our old, shitty, apartment in Waltham, MA?  Sitting on the back porch drinking Diet Coke in the summer, Diet Coke and videogames, Diet Coke and hookah.  Diet Coke and late night talks at the sticky, plastic, kitchen table because there was no living room.  The cans that would pile up on my desk during exams.  And of course, the trips to Costco to get the Diet Coke, the only way we could afford to maintain our three-a-day habit. 

And then some Amy’s burritos.

Memories of diet strategies where dinner consisted of an Amy’s burrito and a Diet Coke.   They usually lasted a week, and then we would break down and go to IHOP for a saturated fat injection.  And some Diet Coke.  At 2 a.m.  Why there was a state trooper stationed there, I’ll never know.

I also picked up a huge, towering, plastic jug of Pace salsa.

I ate salsa omelettes every morning for months.   I made salsa quesadillas.  I made my own tortilla chips out of baked tortillas and used them to eat salsa.  Like any self respecting American, I ate salsa every day.  This all stopped when I moved to England, a land devoid of Mexican food, where the over priced “salsa” tastes like expired tomato sauce and can.

Food is a comfort not to be overlooked, and it’s nice to be able to purchase comfort wholesale when you’re overseas.


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